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OCR, API and Robotic Process Automation (‘RPA’) solutions
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OCR, API and Robotic Process Automation (‘RPA’) solutions

We provide a unique experience within the OCR, API and Robotic Process Automation (‘RPA’) solutions to an organisations’ interaction with 3rd party documents as they arise through the multitude of interactions with customers, suppliers, staff, patients or regulatory and other bodies.

Our Paperless Cloud Applications (‘PCA’) analyse document flows from different sources extract unique or line-item data with structured classifications and its associated taxonomy. The extracted data and documents are exported to the next line of business system in a formatted and structured manner for approval processes.

The PCA results in the elimination of manual repetitive data capture, accurate extraction of data, realtime information transfer, immediate and digital access to transaction records, reduced copies and saving in physical document storage. The greatest benefits and savings to our clients are the additional image analysis and identifying documents that create unnecessary bottlenecks in the day to day operations.

Our direct integration into the ERP system allows our clients to handle their data immediately and make faster decisions with the data they have at hand.